Domestic M&A Services 


We aim for “AIBJ” to be synonymous not only with cross-border M&A but also with domestic M&A transactions
AIBJ is proud to be well-known for specialising in cross-border deals, but we consistently conclude a large number of domestic deals every year as well. Our strength lies in the strong links we have developed through our cross-border M&A activities with the managements and M&A departments of many of the (major) companies we have helped in their M&A activities. AIBJ is able to propose seller companies that match the needs and requirements of owner-managers who are thinking of selling their companies.


Organised support led by experienced M&A advisors

When the size of a deal is relatively large, using well-experienced M&A advisors is the best approach, and to provide consistent support in project management, negotiation and execution, talent from a variety of specialisations is needed in the project, as well as good organization to ensure a successful deal completion. We thus ensure success through organisational support by bringing in experienced, specialised personnel as project members.

Extensive buyer network with over 1,200 listed companies

We have built relationships with the managements and M&A departments of over 1,200 listed and major companies through our cross-border M&A deal proposals. We continuously obtain information on the M&A strategies and acquisition needs of Japanese companies which is carefully maintained in our database. From this database, we are able to select potential buyers that match the requirements of owner-managers considering a sale.

Dealing with large scale and highly difficult deals

AIBJ focuses on cross-border M&A deals of a relatively large size (sale price between JPY 1 billion and JPY 10 billion), and our advisors have the experience and know-how to proceed with even larger and more difficult deals. Many other M&A firms only handle small (mini) domestic deals, because the larger and more complex the deal, the more difficult it becomes to handle. However, AIBJ is very adept in handling larger deals.


Exclusive deals for buyers

AIBJ has exclusive deals for companies wishing to make acquisitions

We at AIBJ can introduce not only cross-border deals, but also domestic deals that we have obtained through our own specialized network. If you provide us with information on the industry, size and characteristics of your target company, we can introduce you to deals that match your requirements. We can also shortlist potential companies that match your requirements and approach them strategically (certain fees may apply).

Superb deals for sellers

We find the most suitable companies to sell to from over 1,200 companies with whom we do business.

While we are proud of being well-known as a cross-border M&A deal specialist, we in fact consistently conclude many domestic deals every year as well. Our strength lies in the strong links we have developed through our cross-border M&A activities with the management and M&A departments of many of the (major) companies we help to acquire. We are thus able to propose potential buyers that match the needs and requirements of owner-managers who are thinking of selling their companies.

Domestic M&A process


When we receive a consultation from the owner-manager regarding a sale, we first conduct an initial hearing on the reason for the sale, the company’s business and financial position, etc., to understand the owner’s needs and the company’s situation.

Presentation of initial long list of possible buyers

Based on our initial interviews with the owner-managers, we present an initial longlist of possible sale destinations (buyers) and whether or not the company can be sold. This enables us to clarify whether we are able to assist in the sale of the company and, if so, which companies we would envisage as possible buyers, so that you, the customer, can decide whether you would like us to assist in the sale of your company.

Conclusion of Confidentiality Agreement (CA)

After concluding a Confidentiality Agreement between the potential company to be sold and ourselves, we receive financial data (e.g. financial statements) from the seller company and present a valuation plan to the owner-manager of the seller company to agree on an appropriate transfer price at which we would be able to conclude a deal.

Preparation of materials and formal listing of potential companies to be sold to approach potential buyer companies

We prepare a list of potential buyer companies and prepare materials (e.g. Teaser) for the approach. From then on (Step 5), the project progresses normally, during which key milestones are reached.

Presentation of a Letter of Intent (LOI)

If the potential buyer company expresses further interest, a Q&A session will be arranged after the LOI is presented to the prospective owner-manager with the intention of considering the transfer of shares.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

An MOU is concluded when the two parties (companies) have negotiated and have reached agreement on the various terms and conditions. At this point, exclusive negotiating rights for a certain period are established.

DD (Due Diligence)

The company wishing to acquire the shares conducts a transfer audit.

Conclusion of share transfer agreement

After the transfer audit, the potential buyer company presents a final proposal to the owner-manager of the seller company, and after negotiating the final terms and conditions, an agreement is reached. The SPA or final agreement is concluded between the prospective buyer company and the owner-manager of the seller company when the final terms have been negotiated with the owner-manager of the seller company.

Completion (closing)

Payment is made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the SPA. The shares are handed over to the buyer company once payment has been confirmed in the seller company owner’s bank account.