About us


Unparalleled cross-border M&A experience
Quality deals that only we at AIBJ can provide
We strive to grow and accelerate your overseas business

Our overwhelming advantage over other companies is that we have:
Exclusive access to quality overseas deals from our partners around the world and can offer them directly to you.
Our strength comes from our business model that we have worked hard to build over the past 15 years.

Value Proposition

90% of the deals AIBJ handles are cross-border deals.

Our business area covers 15 countries in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe. Not standing still, we are working to further expand our business globally.

Over the past 15 years since our establishment, AIBJ has concluded more than 100 deals, mainly cross-border deals.

Our cross-border M&A professionals, who have accumulated experience and know-how in this field, will do everything to make sure you have success in your M&A strategy.

Cross-border deals obtained from more than 200 overseas partners.

As of October 2022, we have over 200 local partner companies, and this number will continue to grow as AIBJ’s geographical reach expands. We are thus able to obtain numerous cross-border deals from our established network of over 200 overseas partners.

Over 500 cross-border deals per year, carefully selected from a pool of quality deals.

AIBJ continuously receives a large number of deals from our global overseas partner network, and, as of October 2022, we can boast access to more than 500 deals per year. Of these, AIBJ introduces only the best deals that we ourselves initially scrutinize, so as to provide only top-quality deals for our clients.

Areas of business development


Since embarking on the cross-border M&A advisory business for Japanese and Chinese companies,
over the past 15 years, we have grown our business and expanded our geographical reach.
AIBJ has successfully built a network of more than 200 partner companies across Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe,
and we exclusively handle cross-border M&A deals in each region and offer them to Japanese companies.

Southeast Asia

This region is our oldest and the one in which we are most experienced, having been present in Hong Kong for 15 years since 2008, when we established our base and Group headquarters in Singapore, considered the gateway to Southeast Asia, and began full-scale activities in 2012. Southeast Asia is currently the region where we have established the largest network of local partners, with bases of operations in most of the major cities of ASEAN, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Vientiane and Phnom Penh. Among them, since 2019, the supply of quality projects in Vietnam and the demand by Japanese companies is strong, and thus the number of projects in Vietnam is increasing at a very fast pace. As of 2022, we are focusing our efforts to win more M&A deals in Indonesia, where foreign investment restrictions have been significantly eased.

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Having established operations in Australia in 2018 and New Zealand in 2019, AIBJ has focused on building our network by developing partners and winning projects. Currently, we are handling a large number of projects in Australia where we have built a strong track record. We feel that since 2018, Japanese companies have increased their interest not only in Southeast Asia but in Australian projects, as an extension of Southeast Asia and as a prelude to expansion into the US and elsewhere. One of the advantages of Australia is that, unlike some parts of Southeast Asia, it has a good business infrastructure, including accounting, financial and legal infrastructure, making it easier for Japanese companies to expand there.

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With a view to diversifying the regional portfolio of our projects, we were preparing for a full-scale entry into Europe in 2019, before the Corona pandemic. In the course of our preparations, we established a local subsidiary in the Netherlands and identified local partner networks in the Netherlands and Belgium. However, the 2020 Corona pandemic made it extremely difficult to operate in Europe, so we suspended our activities until 2021. In 2022, as the disruption caused by the pandemic started to ease, as well as with our internal resources being enhanced, we have decided to resume our business activities in Europe. In addition to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, where we are currently active, we have designated the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Estonia as strategic regions, and plan to open offices in the major cities of each country in order to expand our partner network.

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Countries and regions targeted for overseas M&A deals have a life cycle.
In today’s world, where global conditions are changing at an ever-accelerating pace,
AIBJ is able to respond immediately to the M&A requirements of our client Japanese companies.
This is one of our unique strengths, as we have a large overseas network.
With our forward-looking expansion strategies into other regions, we will be better able to provide our clients with the support they need to grow their companies and accelerate their overseas expansion strategies.
We therefore can contribute to the acceleration of our clients’ corporate growth and overseas expansion.