Accelerating our clients’ business growth through cross-border M&A.
The ‘A’ in our company name, AIBJ Corporation, is derived from ‘Acceleration’ and ‘Achievement’.

In order to cope with the great changes coming from globalisation as well as significant environmental changes, Japanese companies are now required to accelerate their corporate growth and overseas development under a swift and agile corporate strategy, known as ‘Acceleration’. The method of acquisition (M&A), whereby a local company is acquired as-is, is the best method for speedy realisation of overseas expansion. On the other hand, acquiring a foreign company and making it a subsidiary entails a certain amount of risk. For this reason, we introduce Japanese companies to the best cross-border deals, eliminate asymmetries in information as much as possible and advise on how to achieve M&A with hedged risks. In this way, we provide M&A advisory services with the mission of realising ‘Your Acceleration, Our Achievement’ – the acceleration of our clients’ business growth.

Japan is facing a number of challenges, such as a falling birthrate, an aging population and a slowdown in economic activity. Cross-border mergers and acquisitions are a way of overcoming the labour shortage and rising costs associated with these problems. Cross-border M&A can be the next step for Japanese companies for a variety of purposes, such as entering overseas markets where market growth is expected, or developing overseas operations with a view to securing labour. In the business of cross-border M&A, it is important to be able to grasp the ever-changing global situation and identify global trends, but we at AIBJ only handle projects that we can confidently recommend to our clients based on strong relationships of trust with our seller advisors. Our mission is to contribute to the development of the Japanese and global economy by helping Japanese companies grow and accelerate their overseas expansion under the backdrop of globalisation, and it is our motivation and pleasure to engage in cross-border M&A advisory services.
Representative Director Yasuko Maekawa
Under the mission ‘Your Acceleration, Our Achievement’ to help accelerate the international strategies and overseas expansion of Japanese companies facing unprecedented globalisation, we have set the following three mission goals.
Mission Goal01
Diversify our business regions and optimise our geographical portfolio
Since we started our cross-border M&A advisory business in 2008, we have expanded into regions where we handle deals in order to help Japanese companies accelerate their globalisation. We have now expanded our activities to 15 countries in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe.

With the evolution of globalisation in the world economy, the need for Japanese companies to diversify their business operations has increased, and the regions in which our Japanese corporate clients want us to handle their M&A deals have also diversified. In order to meet this demand, we are taking on the challenge of further expanding the regions in which we handle deals. In the future, we plan to establish and increase new partner networks in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Estonia in the European region.
Mission Goal02
Realisation of more deal matching through our platform site “CROSS BORDERS”
CROSS BORDERS, a platform for one-to-one matching of the individual needs of M&A managers and executives of Japanese corporate clients with more than 500 cross-border M&A deals accumulated annually from our overseas network, has been established and launched by our group company Cross Borders Ltd. AIBJ will display deal information on CROSS BORDERS, identify the needs of the many M&A managers at business companies registered on the site, and match them with as many deals as possible.
Mission Goal03
Becoming an indispensable tool for the globalisation of our client Japanese companies
Through our cross-border M&A advisory business, we introduce our clients to quality deals in various overseas regions in order to realise M&A as a strategic tool for the globalisation of Japanese companies, i.e. overseas expansion and overseas development, and act as a financial adviser to successfully conclude M&A transactions. In other words, through our cross-border M&A advisory business, we aim to become an indispensable tool for the realisation of globalisation for our client Japanese companies.
AIBJ has moved to Sengokuyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 16 years after its founding in 2006 and has begun a new chapter in its history. We will make use of the experience and knowledge we have accumulated so far to continue to grow, and develop together with our customers. With this in mind, we have renewed our logo. With the new mark, we will move forward step by step into the next future.
About the concept

Your Acceleration Our Achievement

Accelerating our customers’ businesses through M&A business

The letter ‘A’ in the name of AIBJ stands for Acceleration, the Acceleration of our customers’ businesses, and Achievement, our mission. The M&A business encourages our customers to make major changes. There may be risks and anxieties in the dramatic changes involved. We want to be a companion to our customers, to push them confidently and to be an accelerator for them to take the necessary big step forward. We have defined a logo that expresses this determination.

About the design

Two symmetrical elements. It is the way in which companies connect with each other and push forward to new heights. It is the way we help our customers to accelerate their ascent. Together, they weave a diamond shape, symbolising the solidity of the diamond that makes a business stronger.

About the colour

Deep blue represents the colour of the sky in the stratosphere. It represents a rocket that takes off from the ground and accelerates powerfully, like a rocket about to take off into space. In other words, like the blue of “challenge” and the clear sky, we will push forward without a cloud in sight. 

Light blue represents the process of M&A that is necessary in order to achieve the success of the deals seen in the deep blue phase above.