Origination support


Sourcing quality overseas projects that match the needs of our Japanese corporate clients
At the request of our Japanese clients, we source and introduce projects for sale from overseas companies that match their requirements (industry, region, size and other characteristics) from our more than 200 partners around the world. Depending on the case, we receive a fee for sourcing.

Excellent Overseas Project Origination Support Process

Request for work

A Japanese company makes a request for our Excellent Overseas Project Origination Service. We receive remuneration depending on the difficulty of sourcing the project.

Meeting between our company and the customer

Our advisors will interview the client to gain a detailed understanding of their M&A needs.

Contact our worldwide network of partners

We share details of the customer’s M&A needs with over 200 local partners around the world, check whether there are any deals that match those needs, introduce those that exist, and if not, share the information again with our partner network to source M&A deals.

Deal collection

Our partners present us with deals that they believe match our clients’ needs.

Scrutiny of deals

We examine the presented deals for suitability, and if they are suitable, we collect the information and introduce them to you, our client.

Start of M&A process

If the customer decides to proceed with the consideration of the project presented, we formally start the M&A process.


Only the best deals are introduced

We carefully select and introduce only those projects received from our overseas partners that we believe would be of interest to Japanese companies, based on the region, industry, profit and loss situation, financial profile, business model, features and strengths of the project.

Obtaining comprehensive information

We obtain sufficient information to enable Japanese companies to consider cross-border projects, for which information tends to be asymmetrical, and provide detailed explanations based on a well-compiled document.

Materials provided in Japanese

In principle, all materials provided by AIBJ are in Japanese, so that our Japanese client can examine the project with efficiency and ease.