Cross border M&A


We are involved in cross-border M&A transactions between overseas blue-chip companies and Japanese companies.
We introduce Japanese clients to quality overseas companies through our network in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe, and then act as financial advisor (FA) to manage the M&A process, attend negotiations and interviews, and provide specialist M&A and valuation advice until the deal closes.


Network of over 200 local overseas partners

We currently have a network of over 200 overseas local partners, and our network is continually expanding. We are currently present in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe. We can also use our overseas network to search for projects that fit the individual desired requirements of our Japanese corporate clients.

Access to information on over 500 projects annually

We receive information on over 500 projects a year from our overseas partners around the world, from which we carefully select the best projects to introduce to our Japanese corporate clients. Each deal is certified as ‘Exclusive’ by our overseas partners and we introduce them exclusively to Japanese companies.

Extensive know-how and experience in cross-border M&A

We have specialised in cross-border deals for more than 10 years, to the extent that our corporate name has become synonymous with cross-border deals. Through our experience and involvement in more than 100 deals, we have accumulated know-how and experience, sometimes through repeated trial and error. If you, as a Japanese company, have concerns such as ‘lack of experience in cross-border M&A’, ‘staff in charge are not familiar with cross-border M&A’ or ‘lack of knowledge of local regulations, business conditions and networks’, we will guide you by the hand every step of the way towards a successful deal.

Providing information and services in Japanese

Information on cross-border M&A deals and negotiations and correspondence with local parties are basically conducted in English or the local language, but we act as an intermediary for Japanese corporate clients, providing deal information in Japanese, and our advisors provide strong support for our clients’ staff who are not confident in English.


Excellent overseas projects:
Introduction service

We introduce to our Japanese corporate clients only blue-chip deals carefully selected from more than 500 deals brought to us annually through our worldwide network of overseas partners, mainly in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe, and offer cross-border M&A proposals.

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Excellent overseas projects:
Origination support

We currently have a database of more than 1,200 Japanese corporate clients with whom we conduct interviews about their overseas strategies, cross-border M&A plans and needs. From this database, we search for overseas deals that match the needs of our Japanese corporate clients, making full use of our overseas network.

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Cross-border M&A process


We will provide an overview of the deal (company profile, business model, features and strengths, financial overview, etc.) in a document (Teaser) not disclosing the company name and make a proposal.

Signing of CA (Confidentiality Agreement)

After the presentation of the Teaser, if you wish to proceed further, you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement (CA) with us (or with the assignor, depending on the project).

Information Memorandum

After the conclusion of the CA, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of the project in the form of an Information Memorandum, which discloses the name of the company.

Presentation of LOI (Letter of Intent)

If the potential Japanese company (buyer) has an initial interest, it will present a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the foreign company (seller), expressing its intention to proceed with a full-fledged consideration of the project. Although no specific scheme or price is presented yet, this is an important process whereby the Japanese company expresses its willingness to consider the project to the foreign company.

Top Meeting

A top meeting is held between the top management of the overseas company and the Japanese company, either online or on site, for a Q&A session.

Presentation of Primary Proposal (Term Sheet)

The Japanese company presents a proposal (Primary Proposal) to the foreign company, specifying the scheme, share price, treatment of the current management and other important conditions. Both parties negotiate based on this proposal.

MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

An MOU (memorandum of understanding) is concluded when the Japanese company and the foreign company have reached agreement on basic terms and conditions. This gives the Japanese company (buyer) an exclusive negotiation period of a certain length (usually 45-60 days).

DD (Due Diligence)

During the exclusive negotiation period in the MOU, the Japanese company (buyer) conducts Due Diligence (DD), in which the company appoints accountants, lawyers, etc. who have no personal interest in the transaction; AIBJ can also introduce accountants and lawyers familiar with the local country, if the Japanese client so wishes.

Conclusion of SPA (share transfer agreement), etc.

The Japanese company (buyer) presents the proposed SPA to the overseas company (seller). AIBJ works with the appointed lawyer to negotiate the business terms of the proposed SPA, reflecting the wishes of the buyer company.

Completion (closing)

Completion occurs when both parties to the agreement have cleared all the CP (Condition Precedent) stipulated in the SPA, and settlement of the purchase price takes place. In some countries and regions, there are requirements such as the need to obtain approval to be purchased by a foreign company due to foreign investment regulations, etc. AIBJ also provides assistance in complying with such regional regulations.


Track record of M&A transactions

Since establishing a Hong Kong subsidiary in 2008
and launching our cross-border M&A advisory business,
we have expanded our reach to Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe.
To date, we have more than 100 deals which we are eager to introduce to you.

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