Cross-border M&A services

AIBJ is an independent investment banking firm headquartered in Singapore and Japan, providing M&A-focused investment banking services in 15 countries in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe. Our name is now synonymous with ‘cross-border M&A’, as we focus on cross-border M&A advisory services utilizing our wealth of information on cross-border M&A deals that far outstrips that of our competitors.

Our Cross-border M&A advisory services
Unrivalled number of deals
We provide support for overseas and
other M&A businesses
with an unrivalled number of deals carefully scrutinized
by our professional team.
Cross-border M&A platform business
AIBJ operates one of the Japan’s largest
cross-border M&A platform services
Domestic M&A services

AIBJ has been providing domestic M&A advisory services since its establishment in 2006 and has a large track record of successful transactions. Our strength in the domestic M&A advisory business is the information and knowhow we have obtained from the various high-level management executives and M&A professionals of the more than 1,200 listed and unlisted major companies through the introduction and presentation of more than 50 cross-border and domestic deals per year. We have built up a database of this information – the envy of many companies in our industry – which enables us to bring the right deals to our client companies.

Track record of M&A transactions
Since establishing a Hong Kong subsidiary in 2008
and launching our cross-border M&A advisory business,
we have expanded our reach to Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe.
To date, we have more than 100 deals which we are eager to introduce to you.View detail