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About AIBJ Inc.

AIBJ Inc. introduces Japanese companies to quality cross-border M&A deals from AIBJ’s unique worldwide network, and uses its wealth of experience and know-how to lead Japanese companies to successful deal completion. We have played a role as a vital tool for accelerating the globalisation (overseas and business expansion) of Japanese companies by introducing them to excellent cross-border M&A deals with guidance through to completion with our extensive experience and know-how in cross-border deals. We are looking for people who can become our M&A advisors and contribute to the further globalisation of Japanese companies.

Features of our company

Among the many companies engaged in M&A-related business, we (i) specialise in cross-border M&A and (ii) focus on medium to large deals (from JPY 2 billion to over JPY 10 billion).

Our M&A advisory services cover the entire process from origination to deal closing.

We focus on ‘Out-In’ deals, in which we review deal information gathered from more than 200 local partners around the world, select only the deals with the best ‘potential’ and propose them to Japanese companies.

CROSS BORDERS, Japan’s largest cross-border M&A platform, is used to provide our many member companies with information on a large number of cross-border M&A deals coming from overseas.

The people we are looking for:

Mid-career recruitment – ‘M&A advisers’

Job Description

As a cross-border M&A advisor, you will be entrusted with a series of tasks from sourcing to closing of transfer deals (mainly overseas companies). We are looking for people with a global mindset through international work.

Specific duties

  • Identification, information gathering and analysis of companies to be sold as M&A targets (currently mainly companies in ASEAN countries, Oceania and Europe).
  • Prepare, propose and approach M&A proposals to buyer companies (Japanese companies).
  • Negotiate with overseas partners and buyer companies, and perform a series of tasks up to the closing of the deal.
  • Interaction and relationship building with partner companies in ASEAN countries, Oceania and Europe.

The projects handled are mainly of a scale of 1-10 billion *1. 
*1: We also handle a small proportion of domestic projects. 



  • Advanced business level English and Japanese language skills.
    (Translation of English documents into Japanese and communication with partners and Japanese companies will be required.) 
  • M&A experience is not required.


  • Experience in M&A projects
  • At least 3 years in the planning department of a general trading company, securities company, bank or major operating company.
  • Those with experience in finance operations
  • Qualified persons with experience in FAS operations at auditing firms, tax accounting firms or accounting firms (e.g. certified public accountants)
Recruitment of new graduates

Become a “Global Professionalquickly

We are proud to say that we are the perfect first career choice for people who want to become “global-oriented professionals” in the future, and who want to be active in international business both in Japan and overseas. We give opportunities to people of all ages, genders and nationalities who are motivated and capable. Of course, there is an optimum pace for everyone, and we have to take into account a person’s ability and level of development.

The general image of this job is one of front-loaded, hard-hitting negotiations, but surprisingly there is also a lot of low-key desk work, mainly research and analysis, that is done diligently, as well as the preparation of documents. Occasionally, you will accompany Japanese companies, which are the buyers, on their overseas inspection tours, at which time you will need to be attentive to detail and communicate well. Not all M&A projects are concluded. That is why there is a great sense of achievement when you are able to close a deal over a long period of time.

A sense of responsibility for one’s own role as part of a team is required. In addition, unexpected things often happen during projects and therefore it is a job that is difficult to put into a manual, so you need to be flexible and able to adapt to various situations. You need to be ambitious and always aim to be the best.

Career path

Six months to a year after joining the company.

You will learn the basic sales experience and know-how as an M&A adviser through new sales activities for various Group products.
At the same time, you will be assigned to assist in M&A projects and gain practical experience in M&A.

Year 2

The second year: You will continue to gain experience as an M&A adviser, with the aim of becoming a manager of M&A projects.

Years 3-4.

The aim is to gain further experience as an M&A adviser and manager of M&A projects.
*2: The Overseas Work Programme is a programme for new graduates and young employees who have been with the company for two years to work overseas for up to eight months during a two-year period at the company’s overseas locations at their own request. The programme covers the third and fourth years of employment with the company.

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