Privacy Policy

AIBJ Inc. recognises that personal information is an important asset of individuals and considers the proper handling of such information to be an important corporate social responsibility. 

Article 1 (Acquisition of personal information)

When acquiring personal information from customers, AIBJ shall acquire it in an appropriate manner, specify the purpose of its use as much as possible, and inform the person concerned or publicise it on its website or otherwise. In addition, the personal information acquired shall be handled within the scope necessary for the purpose of its use. 

Article 2 (Purposes of obtaining and using personal information)

The purposes for which we obtain and use personal information are as follows:

To provide and operate our services.
To reply to customer enquiries (including customer verification).
To contact customers as necessary for maintenance, important notices, etc.
To allow customers to view, change or delete their own registered information and to view their usage status.

Article 3 (Provision of personal information to third parties)

In principle, AIBJ shall not provide personal information to third parties except in the following cases:

When the customer has given their consent.
In cases where the Personal Data Protection Law, the Number Law or other laws and regulations stipulate otherwise.

Article 4 (Disclosure of personal information)

If AIBJ receives a request for disclosure of personal information from the person concerned, it will disclose the information to such person without delay. However, if the disclosure falls under any of the following categories, then AIBJ may decide not to disclose all or part of the information, and if it decides not to disclose the information, it will notify the person to that effect without delay. A separate fee will be charged for the disclosure of personal information.

If there is a risk of harm to the life, body, property or other rights or interests of the person concerned or a third party.
If there is a risk of significant hindrance to the proper conduct of AIBJ‘s business.
If it would violate other laws and regulations.
Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, information other than personal data, such as historical and characteristic information, will not in principle be disclosed.

Article 5 (Correction and deletion of personal information)

You may request AFG Holdings (the Group) to correct, add to or delete your Personal Information (“Correction”) in accordance with the procedures set out by the Group, if your Personal Information held by the Group is incorrect. The Customer may request the Group to correct, add or delete the Personal Information (“Correction, etc.”) in accordance with the procedures established by the Group.
If AIBJ receives a request from the Customer under the preceding paragraph and deems it necessary to comply with the request, AIBJ shall correct the relevant personal information without delay.
If AIBJ makes corrections, etc. based on the preceding paragraph or decides not to make such corrections, etc., AIBJ shall notify the Customer of this without delay.

Article 6 (Suspension of use of personal information, etc.)

If AIBJ receives a request from the Customer to cease or erase the use of personal information (hereinafter referred to as “cease of use”) on the grounds that it has been handled beyond the scope of the purpose of use or that it has been obtained by wrongful means, then AIBJ shall, without delay, notify the Customer of this without delay. If a request is made for the suspension of use or erasure (hereinafter referred to as ‘suspension of use’) of personal information on the grounds that it has been handled beyond the scope of the purpose for which it was used or that it was obtained by unlawful means, the necessary investigation will be conducted without delay. 

If, based on the results of the investigation in the preceding paragraph, we consider it necessary to comply with the request, we will suspend the use of the personal data concerned without delay. If AIBJ suspends use, etc. in accordance with the preceding paragraph or decides not to suspend use, etc., AIBJ will notify the customer of this without delay. 

Notwithstanding the preceding two paragraphs, if it is difficult to suspend the use of personal data due to the large costs involved or other difficulties in doing so, and alternative measures necessary to protect the rights and interests of the customer can be taken, these alternative measures shall be taken.

Article 7 (Safe management of personal information)

AIBJ shall implement technical measures to prevent unauthorised access to, loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information and shall establish a safety management system to protect customers’ personal information.

Article 8 (Compliance with laws and regulations)

AIBJ shall comply with the Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant laws, regulations and guidelines and fulfil its social responsibilities as a company.

Article 9 (Changes to the Privacy Policy)

The content of the Privacy Policy may be changed without notice to the Customer, except as otherwise provided by law or otherwise in the Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise specified by AIBJ, the amended Privacy Policy shall take effect from the time it is posted on our website.

Article 10 (Contact point for enquiries)

Please contact us for any enquiries regarding the handling of personal information by the Company.

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