About Us


In addition to our headquarters in Tokyo, we have offices in ten other countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Manira, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Sydney, and China. We are engaged in (1) financial strategic services such as domestic M&A advisory, business and organizational restructuring support as domestic services; and (2) cross-border (overseas) M&A support between Japanese companies and ASEAN, Oceania, and European companies as overseas services.

In Japan, the success of M&A strategy has become increasingly important in determining the fate of the company in order to survive the increasingly fierce competition amid the recent economic recovery. On the other hand, M&A has gained universal status as a means of succession the business of managers who have been in the front line of management for many years. Against this backdrop, we will make further efforts based on the idea of bringing together the best sellers and buyers, which has been our corporate motto since our founding.

We believe that both domestic and overseas operations will greatly contribute to the financial strategies of Japanese companies. Do not hesitate to contact us at AIBJ.