Advisory/ Practical Support

Timely Support

In recent years, the regulations on stock exchanges and disclosure regulations on third-party allotments have been strengthened.
Therefore, prior consultation with exchanges and local finance bureaus has become increasingly important when implementing equity finance.
Against this backdrop, it has become effective to prepare measures for dealing with exchanges and local finance bureaus.

Our highly experienced Transaction (TS) team is constantly responding to regulatory updates and developing up-to-date solutions, enabling us to provide timely and careful support to your company.

Specifically, based on the flow below, our highly experienced Transaction Team will provide full support, from proposal to advisory support, practical support, and financing support.

Flow of Financing

Below is the standard flow from the proposal of equity financing to financing that we support.

It could take up to one month from the conclusion of the Memorandum of Understanding with the fund and the investment banker that we have a general alliance with.