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Company information No.1568021386

Business Category Lease of Construction Machinery
Approx. Revenue 4.428 billion JPY
EBITDA 1.894 billion JPY
Transaction Scheme Sale of Shares
Other ・Main Business: Lease of Construction Machinery and Operator Dispatching in Australia.
・They have 5 operation bases in Australia including bases in Sydney and Melbourne.
・As for the construction machinery leasing business, the company leases out machinery for civil engineering and construction work to major general contractors, private construction companies, and public organizations. The company leases out not only the machinery in their own possession but also machinery custom made meeting clients needs. By doing so, the company is able to maintain its rate of operation at a high standard of 95%.
・The company customizes their construction machinery based on their clients needs and, also provides other related services, such as daily maintenance and repair service.
・By leasing out these customized construction machinery, the company is also functioning as the clients financing sector. Clients will be able to have access to these construction machinery without overcoming the burdensome step of financing.
・As for the operator dispatching business, the company will provide manpower, capable of operating the machinery. When clients need a qualified person to operate the customized machinery, the company will dispatch the appropriate operator to fulfill its service.
・The company holds about 600 customers, 82 percent of which are contracts of more than a year, averaging a 4 to 5 year contract.
・The company possess 1,945 trucks and construction machinery.

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