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Company information No.1542844969

Business Category Marine Engineering and Ship Maintenance
Approx. Revenue 1.304 billion JPY
EBITDA 296 million JPY
Transaction Scheme Sale of Shares
Other ・Main Business: Marine Engineering(E&I) and Ship Maintenance in Singapore
・① Engineering Business:The company is to able to provide total service as an EPC service Provider, starting from engineering, procuring materials, up until construction.
・② Non-Destructive Inspection:Provides NDI service to oil plants and FPSOs and some other plants to inspect internal damages without destroying the target object. Mainly they handle ultrasonic inspection, Radio graphic Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection.
・③ HR dispatch:The company dispatches a variety of including technicians, welding technicians and some other engineers from all class from managers to employees depending on the clients needs. They also have their own training facility and program to provide training to their employees as well as outsiders.
・④Other maintenance business:Ship Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, Maintenance requiring diving.

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