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Company information No.1535379568

Business Category Sales and Lease of Automobile
Approx. Revenue 10.947 billion JPY
EBITDA 213 million JPY
Transaction Scheme Sale of Shares
Other ・Main Business: Total Solution Provider of Automobile, Sales of New and Used Parallel Imported Cars, Purchase of Used Cars, Automobile Lease, Insurance, Loan, Maintenance, and Repair in Singapore.
・About 40 Salesman. Sold more than 1,400 cars in FY 2018.
・Currently, the company puts focus on the stock business(repair, maintenance, car lease) and the sales ratio of stock business is rising.
・New Car Sales(Parallel Imported Cars): Sells Parallel Imported Cars (Japanese cars and German cars)
・Purchase and Sales of Used Cars: Buys and sell used cars at actual shops and through E-commerce sites.
・Repair, Maintenance and Sales of Repair Parts: Service Available 24 hours.
・Car lease/rent: Car lease/rent for individuals and car dispatch service.
・Financial Products(Automobile Loan and Insurance): Provides automobile loan and insurance in cooperation with financial institutions.
・Automobile Loan (Directly): The company will borrow money from financial institutions and lend it directly to customers.

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